Marine Nutrition is a company created to supply the finest quality frozen feedstuffs to public Aquariums and Zoos.

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Marine Nutrition - Sustaining Life

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Marine Nutrition - Sustainable Supplies

Marine Nutrition is a company dedicated to supplying the finest quality frozen feedstuffs to public Aquariums and Zoos.

Our philosophy is to only source products where available from sustainable and reponsible fisheries - and to combine this with competitive pricing and first class service.

Over the years we have built up a network of bait collectors and small scale inshore fishermen who operate in a sustainable manner and are able to supply us with the quality produce we need. Allied to this small-scale network is our ability to import in quantity such items as Superba Krill and Californian Squid which helps to keep our prices very competitive.

Based in Grimsby, on the north east coast of England, Marine Nutrition has its own 40-pallet coldstore plus chilling and blast freezing operations. We operate four vacuum-packing machines and can process and blast-freeze up to four tonnes of fish per day.


All our inshore sandeels are caught by one fisherman operating an 18ft dory from a small harbour in Cornwall. This fishery has been in existence for over forty years and is incredibly low-impact and sustainable.

Sandeels caught in Cornwall
Ready to go...
Sandeels caught in Cornwall
A good catch

A good day's catch is typically around 100kg.
Watch the Sand Eels Video.


Wherever possible, we only use Cornish hand-line caught mackerel landed by small 'cove' boats. This low impact fishery has no bycatch, provides valuable local jobs and is one of the most sustainable fisheries in the UK.

Handlining for mackerel in progress
Handlining in progress
Cornish handline boats
Cornish handline boats
Mackerel catch

All our mackerel are dip-glazed after blast freezing to prevent freezerburn and dehydration.
Watch the Mackerel Video.

Ocean Angel Squid
'Ocean Angel' brand squid

We supply Ocean Angel brand 5lb boxes of californian squid. This premium brand has very high production standards and is of a consistently high quality and is sourced from the Monterey Bay dip net fishery.


Our shrimps are supplied by a team of local bait collectors who use push nets to work the tide's edge and harvest the shrimps. A very low impact small scale fishery where the shrimps are delivered to us alive and put straight into our blast freezer to ensure superior quality.

Working the tide's
edge for shrimps
Sorting the catch

A superb otter food. We trap our own signal crayfish on our own water and, again, immediately blast-freeze to ensure optimum quality.

Signal Crayfish
Signal Crayfish
Stacking Our Crayfish Pods
Stacking Our Crayfish Pots
Roach, Skimmers and Perch

Marine Nutrition is lucky enough to have its own freshwater fishery where small scale harvesting of coarse fish takes place. As the water is literally on our doorstep, the coarse fish are processed and blast-frozen within hours of capture.

Superba and Pacifica

We buy our superba and pacifica in large frozen-at-sea blocks - this ensures they have very high nutritional value and excellent texture. However, in this format, they are very awkward to use so, while frozen, we bandsaw our blocks into approx. 30mm thick slices weighing approx 500g, which are then vacuum-packed - giving you the best product in the best format.

Harvesting lugworms and razor clams
Harvesting lugworms
Razor Clams
Cockle racking
Cockle raking

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